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Canada and USA. 

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Pebble Palace Playhouse $7750,  8'x12'

  • Add two Dormers  $750
  • Yellow Slide            $950
  • Swing Set                 $725
  • Electricity                $645
  • Monkey Barr            $545

This beautiful two story playhouse has many options to choose from, such as a slide, swing set, and dormers.

Its also very spacious with two levels for your children to play on, both with their own entrances.

As a safety consideration all the windows are built with plexi glass so its one less thing you'll have to worry about.

Another great feature we offer with our playhouses is that the stain on the outside of the playhouse is completely customizable.

Please dont hesitate to call.

Rose Playhouse Starting at $7600 7'x10'

  • Add two Dormers  $750
  • Electricity               $645
  • Vinyl Flooring       $ 475

The Rose is a great playhouse for families that have more than one child, because it offers two different areas which can be easily shared. This playhouse has the option to add dormers that increases the space in the loft, also adding two extra windows. The Rose Playhouse has a spacious deck that could fit a child’s size picnic table or a few chairs.

The price includes your choice of stain and roof colors, please asks us for details. 

Fairview Playhouse 8'x10' $6700


  • Add two Dormers  $ 750
  • Electricity                $645

Pearl Villa Playhouse $6950, 8'x10'


  • Add two Dormers   $750
  • Electricity                 $545

The Pines Playhouse $5450, 8'x10'


  • Electricity               $545

Spring Field Playhouse $5950, 7'x10'


  • Electricity        $545

Lilyvale Playhouse $4950, 7'x8'


  • Electricity        $450

Prices may change without notice.

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